Swan Decanter


Crystal, Handmade, Mouth Blown

As with the Swan, wine is poured into the widest opening in the “tail” of the vessel and poured from the narrower curved neck. The “tail” a natural hand-hold, enables a sure grip, and the slender, angled neck with its elliptical mouth provides a perfect drip-less pour.

This decanter is ‘free blown’, meaning the glassblower forms it by hand without the aid of a mould. Only an extremely talented glassblower can successfully sculpt these creations, and each decanter is slightly different – one of a kind.

For true wine connoisseurs!

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  • Dimensions: H: 240mm ,W: 450mm approx
  • Volume: 1.5 L ( Magnum 1.5L Size )

Please note: Due to the hand-crafting, small tolerances in the size and weight of each decanter, tiny bubbles, slight imperfections and variations are a feature and acceptable part of the process.



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