Surgical masks have become commonplace in the fight against Covid-19. However, whilst it seems to be an effective solution to curb the spread of the coronavirus, wearing face masks for prolonged periods of time can cause a lot of discomforts, with the most common complaint being pain around the ears. The elastic bands around the ears exert a constant pressure which can be quite unpleasant. This is coupled with a slight rubbing every time you speak or move your head. The friction can irritate the skin around the ears and over time it can become quite unbearable. Remedies such as cushioning with tissue paper or cotton buds bring little relief, and this is precisely why Halostrap was born.

We set out to create Halostrap, a face mask strap extension that would be easily adjustable without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. The adjustability of the Halostrap lets you find the perfect tension that’s right for you, whilst removing the pain and friction against the back of your ears. In fact, you can choose from the three ways to wear the Halostrap to see which is the best for you personally.

Aside from ergonomics, the Halostrap is made from genuine Italian calf leather and each strap is individually crafted by our skilled leather artisans. The Halostrap is a premium product which simply feels awesome and looks great. With the Halostrap, you can say goodbye to pain around your ears and fight the pandemic in style.


  • Each Halostrap is individually handcrafted by our skilled leather artisans. There is an embossed Pure Halo logo in the centre of the strap. One size fits all. Approximately 25cm.


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